Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Video: Better Together with Maria Menounos f/ Meagan Good

From Better Together with Maria Menounos Episode 213:

Movie, TV Star and best selling author Meagan Good sat down with Maria and the #HealSquad​ to discuss everything from Brittney Spears to working on the set of Friday. In between, Meagan shares the prayer rituals she developed and utilizes to get answers from God on major life questions and decisions. Meagans reveals how this process helped her to find a husband and teaches us how we can do the same.  She opens up on how her faith in God always comes first and how she navigates Hollywood carrying that sentiment.  She also discusses how she avoided the pitfalls of child stardom and how parents and kids today can do the same.   Maria and Meagan discuss Proactive Marriage Counseling, how parenting and marriage may not be for everyone and fear of being a parent, in general.   

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