Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Preorder Miles From Home starring Meagan Good & Ty Hodges

You can now pre order the independent film sensation, Miles From Home.

"'Miles From Home,' is a tale of lost innocence. Miles Conway (Ty Hodges), 17, is force to fend for himself after his mother walks out on him and his brother, due to her drug addiction. Abandoned also by his brother he is homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. Miles is introduced to a group of teenage prostitutes and is seduced into a world of sex, money, and drugs. They become his family. Once he is confronted by his inner demon, it's too late. Innocence is lost. Miles is torn between his two worlds after he meets Natasha Freeman (Meagan Good), 19, a free spirited college student. Without effort, Natasha shows Miles there is still beauty in life. In order to survive, he must learn to overcome his circumstances and recognize a blessing when he sees one. There is a war within him and Miles has to make a decision. Will he choose life or death? Miles quickly learns the greatest fear we will ever have to face is to confront the person inside."
Miles From Home was written and directed by Ty Hodges and produced along side with Meagan Good.

Watch the Official Trailer

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