Friday, November 9, 2012

The H.E.LL.O Girls in Charlie, Trevor & A Girl Named Savannah

The H.E.L.L.O Girls will appear in a new Ty Hodges film ( Miles From Home, Video Girl), titled Charlie, Trevor & A Girl Named Savannah

Property of

“Charlie, Trevor and a Girl named Savannah” is a thought provoking action/thriller about reality verses the dream state. Trevor has been having nightmares about his girl friend Savannah. He begins to question what is true in his present life verses the perception in his waking dream. Trevor has a dream that his girl friend is kidnapped and has died. Disheveled by the thought, he decides to commit to the exploration of the dream regardless if he is loses his mind in the process.- via

The H.E.L.L.O Girls on set, property of ADAM SENN

Behind The Scenes Interview with

The Charlie Trevor and A Girl named Savannah was filmed over the summer in New York City.

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