Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Meagan & DeVon attend the 2013 #BETAwards

This past Sunday Meagan & DeVon attended the 2013 BET Awards in Los Angeles.
Meagan and fellow Think Like A Man cast mate LaLa were presenters.

Think Like A Man also won BEST MOVIE at the award show.

Check out a cute video of LaMyia and Meagan!


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  2. Hi Meagan,

    Congratulations on your recent marriage. We are familiar with your work and we enjoy it. We think you are beautiful and have a warm spirit. Recently you have come under a lot of scrutiny about your dress and we have seen some comments and your responses. No one has a right to judge your walk with Christ or grade your level of spirituality by the way you dress. We don't want to tear you down, that being said, we would like to challenge you about your perception of what it is to be a sexy woman and what it is to be a sexy Christian. Putting religion aside for a moment, you are beautiful woman in Hollywood and we understand you don't want to be type-cast as a goody-two-shoes now that you have married a Christian speaker, but let us put it in a different light. If you had a daughter or young sister who wanted to wear the same dress you wore to the BET awards and she told you that this is what it means to be sexy, how would you respond? Would you assure her that sexiness is not what is revealed to the eye but rather it is a state of being. It is the culmination of the inner essence that is reflected in the outer package. Wouldn't you encourage her to adorn her body in a complimentary way that still leaves something to the imagination? Is sexiness only an overt display of one's assets or can there be more to it? Nakedness is to sexiness as money is to happiness. Many people think that money is the source of happiness, we have come to know that happiness comes from within. Likewise, nakedness is equated to sexiness, however, we know that this also can only come from within. We believe you can be sexy and a Christian, but we also believe that you don't have to bare it all. You were clearly making a statement, but you chose to use your body to speak. You are beautiful, you are sexy and that can be revealed in a more elegant and classy way. We look forward to watching your great career.

    To being wise,
    Meredith, Jennifer and Marisa